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Lenny K talking on the microphone in the KNTX DJ booth

Lenny K

Lenny K has been with KNTX since May 2018. He has been a resident of Bowie since 2001 when he moved here with his wife Bernice. This is his first experience in the “World of Radio” and he is enjoying every minute! A lifelong lover of all kinds of music, Lenny K especially relates to the format at KNTX as these are songs he grew up listening to, and in some cases playing along with on the drums.

When not at KNTX, you can usually find Lenny K at home with his wife, 3 furry canine kids: Chloe, Max, & Dash, and his antisocial cat Baby Goo. On occasion, he gets to play live music with a few different bands in the Montague County area. Lenny K says a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all his listeners!

Wendy Hill talking on the microphone in the DJ booth at KNTX

Wendy Hill

A true Texan – Born in Dallas, graduated from Richardson High School in 1969. Attended Eastfield College. Worked for American Honda Motor Company from 1972 until 1987 before moving to Bowie in 1988. Owned and operated a Computer and Electronics store in downtown Bowie with her husband from 1990 until 1999.

She began working on-air part-time at KRJT in Bowie in 1993, until 2000 when she began working full-time as news reporter/editor and returned to on-air in mid-2000. The station changed its’ call letters to KNTX in 2000, and she thinks she will probably never retire – too boring. She has also been a licensed real estate agent since 2003.

Chad Handsome at the microphone in the KNTX DJ Booth

Chad Handsome

Chad graduated from Gainesville High School in 2003 and from the University of North Texas in the RTVF (Radio-Television-Film) program in 2007.

Chad has worked at KNTX in some form or fashion since 2003. Like Lenny K, he is also a musician. He plays drums and guitar in the bands “Morgan and her Boyfriends” and “Tanner Fenoglio” to name a few.  Chad has also programmed the Camp Sweeney radio station in Cooke County since 2005.

Lester Boyd at the microphone in the KNTX radio studio

Lester Boyd

Lester was born near Anson in Jones County, Texas in 1931 and relocated to Montague County in 1933. He considers himself a Montague County native. In his early years, he had a love for the radio. The electronics amazed him, and he liked the programming especially the musical shows. Lester played DJ, newscaster, and band musician before he had seen the inside of a radio station.

Lester began his association with AM-1410 when it was KBAN in 1962. Through the years, he has had many great co-workers and supervisors. Lester says, “I hope they have and do understand how I appreciate their help in giving me the chance to do what I love.” And of course, he thinks the advertisers and the listeners of KNTX are super.

KNTX Sports Team

the KNTX sports team: three guys at the football field

Brant Farris, Scott Weber, Drew Weber

Jessica Reeves Board Op at KNTX radio on the microphone

Jessica Reeves

Meet Jessica Reeves, Board Op extraordinaire. She controls the “Mother Ship” when our dj’s are onsite at remotes or sporting events. Jesse keeps us on the air, scheduling commercials and timing the breaks with the onsite guys.

We couldn’t do it without her.

Thanks Jesse